You Can’t Use A Calculator To Solve This Math Problem

When you think back to school, which subject stands out in your mind? Some people are going to think about the subject that they did very well in, and others are going to think of the subject that we most difficult. In either case, however, there are also certain subjects that are likely to come up in your mind. Included in the mix is going to be English, History and perhaps an elective, such as music. There are also a lot of people who think about math, but not everyone thinks of it in a favorable light.

It honestly doesn’t matter if you are thinking about the good times you had in math class and the challenging problems you were able to do or if you are thinking about sweating over a test. Math is one of those subjects that just seems to pull out an emotional response. It is also something that we might not have fully appreciated but it is something that we use on a daily basis. That leads us to this math equation. It looks simple and most people think they can get it but trying to solve it will prove that most of us forget more about math than we ever thought possible.

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