What Does The First Letter Of Your Name Say About You?

What is the first thing that you learn about someone? Aside from that first glance and perhaps something you notice about their physical being, you probably are going to ask them a very important question.

What is that question? It is, what is your name?

That’s right, a name identifies a person in a very individual way and it is often something that we remember about the person, long after we met them.

When we discuss the person, we are going to discuss them by name and if we greet them, we are going to greet them by name. Knowing somebody’s name is important for our relationship, but there may also be something else behind it.

There are some people who believe that the first letter of your name says a lot about you as an individual. Take a look down through the following list of letters.

If the letter corresponds to the first letter in your first name, then see what it has to say about your personality. We realize this is just a fun exercise, but you might be surprised by how often it is true.

A = Romantic

B = Proud

C = Innocent

D = Lovable

E = Good but Hurtful

F = Compassionate

G– Logical Minded

H = Leadership Potential

I = Helpful

J = Free-Spirited

K = Irritating

L = Funny

M = Emotional

N = Sensible

O = Supportive

P = Awesome

Q = Unpredictable

R = Practical

S = Loving

T = Fake

U = Sensitive

V = Genius

W = Calm

X = Easy-Going

Y = Intelligent

Z = Jovial

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