Pay Close Attention. One Woman Is His Wife. Can You Tell Me Which One?

When we look at something going on right in front of us, we often feel as if we can size up the situation fairly quickly. In fact, that may be true in many instances.

You see, as humans, we were designed so that we can take in a lot of information very quickly and then make a snap judgment call depending on what we see. In that way, we are able to get out of the way if a car is coming in our direction or perhaps to know if a person coming at us has good or bad intentions.

When you look at the following picture, it might seem as if something is obvious. More than likely, you look at it and you see that there are two women who are struggling by the bed of a man who appears to be in the hospital.

Each of these women is struggling in her own way. On the man’s left is a woman that is obviously upset with him about something and on the right, there is a woman who is upset, probably because of his condition.

That much is obvious, but there is something that is not quite as obvious and the attention is really in the details. It is your job to figure out if the woman on the left or if the woman on the right is the man’s wife.

Some people are going to make a snap decision on this but it is not always as easy as you may think. Try to figure this out logically.

Once you decide whether the woman on the left is the man’s wife or if the woman on the right is his wife, think of your answer. You can then check the next page for the truth.

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