One Woman Is A Killer. Can You Guess Which One?

Are you somebody who enjoys a good mystery? Mysteries come in many different forms and some people will seek them out through videos, movies, and even books.

One of the interesting things about mysteries is the fact that you get to solve a problem that has an obvious answer. It may not be easy to find but that is what makes the mystery something that is really worth looking into.

Speaking of mysteries, we have a good one for you below. The answer may be hiding in plain sight but people online are arguing over the possibilities and for good reason.

It seems like picking a person that is the one with ill intent is going to be easy, especially when you see the two women in the picture below. It looks like both of them could be up to something but there is one who has something particularly wrong on the horizon.

Take a look at these two women for yourself and see which one you would choose as the killer. If you are having a hard time finding out which one is which, check the next page for the solution.

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