How Many Creepy People Can You Find In This Optical Illusion?

Movies have really enhanced our lives in ways that most of us don’t even realize when we first think about it. Before movies were around, people would tell stories and some people would be good at telling them but others could not really get the point across. When it comes to a movie, however, you have so many different dynamics because you can see as well as hear what is going on. That is especially true when it is a suspenseful moment or perhaps something frightening is happening because there is music playing in the background that cues us into that point.

Life is not necessarily the same way and we don’t have music playing to let us know when something scary is happening. At the same time, however, we often can sense the fact that something is out of place. We may even get the idea that something is watching us, even though we realize that it really couldn’t be true. Perhaps that is what makes this picture so interesting. It looks like a beautiful and peaceful scene but there are some people hiding in the picture and you need to find them. Give it your best shot and then check the following page for the solutions. Cue the scary and suspenseful music.

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