The Answer to This Question Seems Easy at First, but Not so Fast

I love puzzles and riddles. The best and most clever ones can really throw you for a loop, and I like how they force my mind to think. I’m a naturally competitive person (in a healthy way, not in a slam you into the dirt kind of way) and I like the challenge of something that’s difficult. And then I like the feeling I get when I figure it out. Challenges are fun, in other words, and I’m not unique. Most people love a good challenge. Some of my favorite challenges are word problems or tricky math problems. Not the kind of math problems that you would find in an advanced trigonometry class. I’m talking about the kind like in the riddle below.

Some of these math riddles like this seem like they’re easy at first. They’re almost a no brainer. But then, if we tell you that you have the answer wrong, it causes you to have to really think outside of the box. And here’s a clue: most people get the answer wrong on the first try. You have to really think it through. This one has kept a lot of people up at night trying to solve it. In the riddle below, you’ll read about a couple that goes for a picnic, and they take all of their sons on the picnic with them. The riddle goes on to ask you how many people are in total at the picnic, if all of the songs also bring some kids along. See how you do on this riddle. After you think you have the answer, go to the next page to see if you were correct.

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