Nearly 99% of People Get This Wrong. Can You Solve It?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who enjoy the challenge of a good math problem and those who run screaming into the night trying to escape any kind of math problem. If you’re reading this article, then we know which type you are. You like a good challenge and you’re up for it. Math is something we can’t really run away from. It’s a part of the natural world and it lives inside of everything we do. Every action, every movement, requires math. For example, if you just scratched your head,  you instantaneously located a place on your skin with your hand by making contact.

That’s actually high-level trigonometry! I love puzzles and problems, but not high-level trigonometry. I didn’t take trigonometry in college and I barely even know what trigonometry is. But a simple math puzzle that makes me stop and think? Oh yeah, I’m down for that, all day every day. Challenges are fun, and I’m not unique. Most people love a challenge or puzzle that makes them think just a bit. It feels good to our brains and it certainly feels good when we solve them. We also feel smart, at least for a few minutes. In regards to mathematical puzzles and games, it sometimes takes a keen understanding of specific principles to be able to solve them.

See, the answer might seem easy at first glance, but behind the easy facade hides some tricky procedural rules that many people have forgotten how to follow. The math problem below is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Take a close look at it and see if you can solve it. When you think you have the answer, go to the next page.

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