If You Can You Find the Secret Hidden Letter, You May Be a Super Genius

When it comes to our vision, we take the ability to see and identify objects for granted. Our brains are biologically engineered to receive signals from our eyes and interpret them. However, when very similar objects are grouped inside each other in an image, it can be incredibly difficult to decipher them. Everything we see with our eyes is sent to our brains, which then analyzes them in much the same way a computer analyzes data. The only difference is that the human brain is much more complex than a piece of machinery. Most of the time, we don’t even realize we’re making a determination about something that we see.

See, our brain works in the background all the time, always trying to figure out complex issues. In fact, our brain thrives on these challenges and when you work puzzles and other challenging exercises, you’re giving your brain a much-needed workout. When you’re working on puzzles and quizzes like the one below, you’re giving both of your brain hemispheres a solid workout. The left side of the brain controls logic and analytical thought while the right side of the brain controls anything to do with creativity. When you’re working out a puzzle, you’re not only giving your brain a workout, but you’re also improving your memory.

In the quiz below, you’ll be shown a series of images that are made up of letters. Your job is to find the hidden letters inside the images and guess correctly which one it is. It’s harder than it looks and it gets even more difficult as the game goes on. However, if you get them all correct, you’ll be deemed a “Super Genius.” Good luck!

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