Men Pretty Up Their Beards With Flowers Signaling The Official Start Of Spring

There are certain things that tend to define a man and their ability to grow facial hair is one of them. To be transparent, there are also some women who grow facial hair but, by and large, they tend to hide that fact to the best of their ability. In the case of some men, however, they wear their beards as a badge of honor and sometimes they might spend months or years growing the perfect beard. It allows for a lot of individuality, with different lengths to grow it and different ways to trim it. It also seems as if there is something else that can be done with a beard, you can decorate it.

Some beard decorations are seasonal, such as some of those that have been sporting lights around Christmas time. They tend to be popular, and even if there are only a few men that do it, once it is posted to Instagram, the pictures go viral and are shared far and wide. That is also the case when men start decorating their facial hair for the spring weather, and we haven’t seen something quite this nice in a long time. I don’t know whether to consider it to be a joke or if perhaps it is a fashion statement but in either case, it is worth sharing with you.

Hayley Shae is an artist that got this trend started when they put some flowers in a friend’s beard. It was for an exhibit but it took off and since that fateful day in 2019, it has made a comeback every year.