31 Year Old Man Won’t Let His Elderly Neighbor Suffer So He Moves Her In With Him

We may have many different relationships in our lives but some of the most special relationships are what we share with our family. Sure, there are always going to be differences that we experience and we may even squabble from time to time but in the end, they are the people that matter the most to us. That is the case with our parents and for many of us, we have a special relationship with our grandparents as well. It’s something that we have come to expect in our life and the love that they show to us is very special. In fact, the bond that we have with our grandparents is sometimes even more special than what we have with our parents.

Of course, there are many times when we find ourselves with the opportunity to show kindness to others and it doesn’t always have to be a blood relative that experiences it. That was the case with a woman named Norma Cook. The 89-year-old woman was having difficulty getting along in life, but her younger neighbor, Chris Salvatore decided that he would do something special for her. They had already become friends, but he decided that he would do something extra nice and he moved her into his home so that he could make sure she was fine.

Even though Salvatore was only 31 years old, he knew that she was as special as any grandmother he had. The first time that they met, she offered him a glass of champagne and it wasn’t long before they were having a conversation that just bonded them closer together. Unfortunately, Cook had leukemia and she suffered from pneumonia along with a number of other issues. She had to leave the hospital but she needed 24-hour care and Salvatore was ready to provide it.


In order to make sure that he could care for her in the best way possible, he moved her into his apartment and set up a GoFundMe to raise more than $50,000. He did the cooking and made sure that she had what she needed every day. Although she eventually passed away, he could feel good in the fact that he cared for her in a very special way.