Five Things People Need to Stop Saying About Teachers Immediately

Teachers have been underestimated for a long time. There was a time, decades ago or centuries ago, when a teacher was usually the most educated person in town, and in some cases, the only educated person in town. I think of TV shows like “Little House on the Prairie,” where in many communities, the teacher served more than just the children. She was the sane intelligent voice who could be relied upon to come to anyone’s aid when something needed to be read or written. These days, people have come to be disrespected by both children and their parents and it’s horrible. With the pandemic, a lot of parents have had to homeschool their children for the first time and I think it’s been eye-opening for them as to exactly how much teachers do. It’s not an easy job. Take these things to heart and pass them around to anyone who needs to read them.

Stupid Thing #1: Teachers are just glorified babysitters!

Response: Ok then, you can pay me what you pay your babysitter. At $10/hour times 6 hours, that’s $60/day, times 5 days a week, that’s $300, times 36 weeks, that’s $10,800 per student. Then you multiply that times 30 students. That’s $324,000. There’s a good start.

Stupid Thing #2: Johnny never acts out at home. I wonder what you’re doing wrong in the classroom?

Response: Hmm, that IS strange! Let’s figure out a way to get to the bottom of this. You’re welcome to come observe my class any time you want. When can I drop by your house?

Stupid Thing #3: It can’t be that hard to control a bunch of kids. Just have clear expectations.

Response: Classroom management is really an art, and it’s not that simple. But if you have some special tricks, I’ll bring 30 kids over to your living room tomorrow morning to watch you work your magic!

Stupid Thing #4: You’re way too educated to be teaching first graders. Don’t you have an M.A.?

Response: Teaching is a calling, not just a job. Compared to the challenges (and rewards) of the classroom, graduate school was a cakewalk.

Stupid Thing #5: Hey, don’t I actually pay your salary with my taxes?

Response: Um… Would you like your 13 cents back? We can just make a trade for your child’s ability to read.

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