Stray Kitten Wants To Be Adopted And Refuses To Take No For An Answer

When we are out and about doing our daily tasks, we sometimes see little creatures that share our space. These little creatures, at times, belong in the wild and they may include various birds, squirrels, or perhaps even the odd raccoon every once in a while. We might also see some feral cats, however, and although they may have lived in the wild for generations, they are much better suited for living in a home. We know it, but at times, those feral cats do not realize it and they want nothing more than to stay to themselves. Then again, there are some feral cats that know they need a home.

In Georgia, there is a man named Jason Belisha who also sees stray cats from time to time. As it turns out, however, there was one particular kitten that had something more in mind than just wandering by and disappearing into the bushes. The cat realized that it needed a home and it refused to take no for an answer when it started to beg Jason to give him the home he needed. It was an adorable little gray kitten and, rather than shying away like most feral cats, it ran to him, sniffed his hand, and then settled in and made himself at home. It must’ve been the most adorable thing because Jason could not say no.

Jason said: “I was returning a rental car and heard this little boy meowing under the car next to me, so I bent down and he came right up to me.” He did put the kitten down for a little while, but the feline would just follow him around and cry. He definitely wanted to be taken home, and Jason decided to give him the home he needed.

After bringing the kitten home and naming him Popeye, he was introduced to the rest of the family. That included a corgi and the two of them became friends quickly. For a short while, Popeye went to live in another home but it wasn’t long before he was back with Jason and loving life again. I love a happy ending.

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