Cat Learns The Secret Of The Invisible Fence And Won’t Stop Teasing The Dog

When we have an animal in our lives, we do what we can to keep them safe and happy. This might mean caring for their physical needs, such as feeding them the right food and even taking them to the vet when necessary. There is also something else we do for the family dog, and that is making sure our beloved pet is safe in our yard. This can be done by putting them on a lead but we can also use an invisible fence. It will take the dog a little while to get used to the fence but eventually, they will know it is an area that should not be crossed.

That is what happened with Harley, a pet that lives with Melissa Ramsey Coogle. She adopted Harley when he was just a puppy and they were so happy to have him in the family. The problem was, they had a 9-year-old cat named Charlie, and the feline was not quite so thrilled with the new addition. They get along fine but, like siblings, they also pick on each other from time to time. It is a love-hate relationship and Melissa calls them ‘frenemies’. What happens in the yard, however, is beyond funny.

Charlie is not supposed to go outside but she does from time to time. When she does, she doesn’t go far but she likes to taunt Harley in the funniest way. You see, Harley is confined to the yard with an invisible fence and Charlie will hang out on the other side, just out of reach.

There is no doubt that cats are smart animals. When it comes to Charlie, however, smart doesn’t quite cover the subject. She knows just where to be so that Harley can’t get to her and she is perfectly happy to taunt him to no end. It looks like siblings are alive and well in the animal kingdom after all.

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