Mama Grizzly Brings Traffic to a Stop to Cross the Road With Her 4 Cubs

When it comes to cute animal babies, most people think of kittens and puppies, but baby grizzly bear cubs are pretty darn cute, too. It’s no wonder that one of the most popular children’s toys is a simple teddy bear. In real life, you would never want to approach a bear cub because “mama grizzlies” are notorious for being protective, and rightly so. However, some folks recently got to see a rare sight: a mama grizzly up close with her cubs. In June of 2020, a mother bear and her four babies needed to cross the road. Unfortunately, the road happened to be pretty busy.

Because of this, the bears were afraid to make their move across it. If you’ve ever been a parent trying to cross the road with a bunch of little kids, you know exactly how this protective mom may have felt. Fortunately, someone had the smarts to make a phone call to some park rangers, who were able to come in and stop traffic so that the little family could get safely across the busy highway. Before long, all of the nearby vehicles stopped, and the people used this as a rare opportunity to see a bear and her cubs in their natural habitat up close. The video footage was amazing.

At some point, the mama bear seemed to understand that she could safely bring her family across the road. However, she was still super cautious because of all the people who had gotten out of their vehicles to watch them cross. However, cross they did, and what a sight it was. Before crossing the road, the busy mom looked left and then right before leading her little ones safely across the road. She kept a watchful eye on the people who were standing around, though. She is a mama grizzly after all.


When they reached the other side of the road, the onlookers started cheering. At that, the mama bear and cubs ran off into the forest. Watch this sweet video below.

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