Are You Able To Spot The Grocer’s Wife? She Seems To Be Missing

How observant are you? Although some people may look at the details when they first look at something, the majority of us just scan it as quickly as possible.

It may seem like an inconvenience to do so but we do that for a reason. We need to take in as much information as we possibly can as quickly as we can so we can make a decision as to whether we should go to the right or go to the left.

At times, we may even need to make a decision on what we see that could mean our life. For example, if you just glance up the road and see a car coming your way, are you going to jump out of the way are you going to stop to notice the headlights?

Perhaps that is why we enjoy the following picture. At first glance, it looks like a man standing with some bags of groceries. That is what most people are going to see but take a closer look.

Hiding somewhere in the picture is the grocer’s wife. How quickly can you find her?

If you can’t find the grocer’s wife, check the next page for the answer.

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